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Cemetery Information Organizer

Visiting a cemetery should not be a scary experience. Think about it as a giant jigsaw puzzle with each gravestone being one of the pieces of the puzzle that holds clues to the history of your community. Look closely at individual gravestones and at groups of stones. Use this worksheet to collect information about each stone.

Student's Name: Name of Cemetery:
Location of Cemetery:
Complete the following information for each gravestone you investigate.

Full name of the deceased:
Birth Date:
Death Date:
Age at death:
Husband/Wife of:
Son/Daughter of:
Other facts:

Sketch the gravestone's shape and any motifs or decorative carvings.
Copy the inscription and epitaph exactly as you see it.







Describe and/or draw any other interesting or unusual features of this gravestone.
Is this person related to others buried nearby? If yes, who are they and what is their relationship to this person?