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Teacher Gazette

No. 1

Teaching Strategy

In September 1768, the city of Norfolk, Virginia experienced several days of rioting. The reason? A family was inoculated against smallpox, a rampant, painful, and often fatal disease. Why did that cause a riot? What did it mean to be "inoculated" against smallpox in the eighteenth century? In this lesson, students analyze both a primary source cartoon and a primary source document to determine eighteenth-century attitudes toward inoculation. They also compare inoculation vs. vaccination and modern vs. historical methods of vaccination. More

Primary Source

This 1804 cartoon is a caricature of the Smallpox and Inoculation Hospital in St. Pancras, London, and shows newly-inoculated people growing cow parts! This cartoon emphasizes the distrust of the new vaccination for smallpox that was made from cowpox. More

"... I yesterday arrived and was with all 4 of our Little ones inoculated for the small pox ... Our little ones stood the operation manfully ... Such a spirit of inoculation never before took place; the town and every house in it are as full as they can hold ... God Grant that we may all go comfortably thro the Distemper..."

Letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams, July 13, 1776

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