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Teacher Gazette

No. 3

 George Washington, Slave Owner
Teaching Strategy
George Washington is a well-documented figure in American history. Much is known about his life, and many of his writings were carefully kept for future generations. But much less is known about the lives of the more than one hundred enslaved people who worked for him. In this lesson, students conduct multiple readings of a secondary source article to compile a timeline of Washington's slave ownership and collect information about the enslaved people he owned. They draw conclusions and generate questions about how information about enslaved people is preserved and what information could be uncovered from other sources. More
Primary Source
MET MUSEUM OF ART The Metropolitan Museum of Art
This portrait of George Washington includes his enslaved personal servant, William Lee (often known as Billy Lee). Washington purchased Lee in 1768, and Lee served as his valet, helping him dress, accompanying him on his travels, delivering his letters, and serving his meals. Lee served at Washington's side throughout the Revolutionary War, and accompanied him to the Constitutional Convention. More
"I never mean . . . to possess another slave by purchase; it being among my first wishes to see some plan adopted by which slavery in this Country may be abolished."
George Washington to John F. Mercer, September 9, 1786.

HERO Live! Upcoming Broadcast
November 19, 2015
How did a young woman escape slavery and evade the most powerful man in the nation? Learn about the dangers Oney Judge faced when she left her life as the enslaved servant of George and Martha Washington. Oney's quest was threatened by her former owners, the law, and poverty. How was she able to live as a free woman? More

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