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May 10, 2017

Colonial Williamsburg Partners with Leading Energy Conservation Firm

Cenergistic and Colonial Williamsburg to create a self-funding conservation plan to manage consumption and reduce energy costs an estimated 18 percent or more

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation has launched a partnership with Cenergistic to initiate a comprehensive, self-funding energy conservation program. The award-winning company’s conservation programs have saved more than $4.5 billion for educational, healthcare and ministerial organizations across the nation.

Cenergistic’s energy specialists will work closely with Colonial Williamsburg to implement conservation procedures in all facilities within Colonial Williamsburg operations. They will conduct energy audits to ensure that guests and employees are comfortable during operating hours, and that energy is used only as necessary. This program seeks to turn recommendations into savings, changing behavior by reducing consumption of electricity, natural gas, fuel, oil and water. The program is designed to preserve comfortable environments during working hours and will analyze optimum practices for heating and air conditioning systems, ventilation rates, periods of occupancy, humidity, transition to unoccupied buildings, circulation pumps and more.

Over the next five years, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation staff are to receive hands-on training and program guidance. Every energy use point throughout Colonial Williamsburg will be analyzed, with continual follow-up to limit waste. Energy specialists will audit facilities throughout the year at varying times to ensure that energy-saving practices are in place and to adjust plans to ensure all equipment is operating as intended.

Cenergistic’s team covers the range of energy conservation specialties — engineers, certified energy managers, boiler specialists, heating-ventilation-air-conditioning experts, measurement and verification professionals, grounds care, organizational behavior and more.

“We believe it is wise to address operational savings at every level of the Foundation,” said Robert Underwood, Colonial Williamsburg vice president of operations. “This behavior-based program will help us save energy and money by using the systems and personnel Colonial Williamsburg already has in place. Every dollar we save on energy is another dollar focused on our core mission and our guests.”

All program costs are supported by Colonial Williamsburg’s existing utility budget. Based on a proprietary methodology, Cenergistic estimates savings of 18 percent or more in projected utility costs, which would more than pay for the program.

To confirm the program’s effectiveness, Cenergistic tracks energy consumption using independent, third-party energy-accounting software. The software compares current energy use to a baseline period and calculates the amount of energy that would have been used if conservation and management practices had not been implemented, adjusting for weather, equipment changes, and variations in building use according to industry standards. By analyzing consumption and energy use patterns, the software helps identify and correct areas that merit immediate attention.

Cenergistic has earned the Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence Award from 2011 through 2017 and was named ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year for 2009 and 2010 by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Media Contact:
Anna Cordle