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Working Here

Being part of the Colonial Williamsburg story means using your talents and skills to create a seamless experience in education and recreation for our guests.

You can bring to life the beginnings of our great nation, telling the stories of this 18th century community that struggled with the ideas of independence, liberty and self-government. You can help preserve our heritage - our buildings and collections. You can create memorable and relaxing experiences for our guests in our restaurants, hotels, and golf courses.

Being part of the Colonial Williamsburg community means joining a diverse team supported by outstanding total compensation packages including pay, benefits and development opportunities. With your help, Colonial Williamsburg will continue to "help the future learn from the past" for generations to come.

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Employee Perspectives

Hear what some of our Silver Bowl employees have to say about being part of the Colonial Williamsburg story.

  • Larry D. Christian

    Supervisor, Building Automation Systems & Operations - Facilities Maintenance

    "It is most satisfying to have opportunities to resolve people's problems and issues, knowing that you have made a difference and that people can count on you to get the job done. Colonial Williamsburg is a great place to work and the talent here is second to none."

  • Mary E. Crowell

    Banquet Server - Williamsburg Inn

    "When I began working as a waitress at the Williamsburg Lodge in 1986, I was delighted to be part of the team and do my best to live up to Colonial Williamsburg's reputation for quality. My current job has become a favorite because I have the best job, on the best team, and we're like a family. I'm a people watcher who can't sit still - what better job could I have?"

  • Suzanne M. Dye

    Suzanne M. Dye

    Journeyman Pewterer & Founder - Gunsmith & Foundry

    "I appreciate the Foundation's continuing support of historic trades programs and enjoy the learning environment, specifically staff's willingness to pass along information to guests and one to another. If you like history, like to work with your hands and like talking, then you have the best of all worlds here at Colonial Williamsburg."

  • Michael A. Delaney

    Michael A. Delaney

    Cook - Williamsburg Lodge

    Michael says, "When I learned about the better pay, better benefits and better chance for advancement at Colonial Williamsburg, I took advantage of a solid opportunity and have been fine ever since." His advice to others is a reflection of what is important in Michael's work life as well. "Make the best of any learning opportunity. There is advancement and satisfaction here."

  • Janet A. Hibbert

    Janet A. Hibbert

    Hostess - Williamsburg Inn

    Janet's father was a server at the Williamsburg Inn for more than 25 years and set an example of providing outstanding guest service. Janet says she has no regrets about choosing a career where the work is very close to her heart. She shares her experience with other employees who want to succeed and have long careers: "Work hard and respect what you do. Give 110% service to guests and colleagues. We have people here from all over the world so do everything you can to persuade them to come back."

  • David E. Randall

    David E. Randall

    Server - King's Arms Tavern

    David appreciates that the good team environment and helpful coworkers at the Tavern has made the past twenty-five years go by very quickly and pleasantly. His philosophy is to "Stay the course and enjoy it. Be nice to the guests: they'll have a great experience and you'll have one as well because of it."

  • Rebecca Rhyne

    Rebecca Rhyne

    Manager, Customer Services and Business Operations - Productions, Publications and Learning Ventures

    "I am very fortunate to have worked for great managers throughout the years and I appreciate the opportunities I've been given to learn and grow. Invest in the people around you and let them invest in you. Those kinds of relationships are invaluable in your work life and personal life. Keep an eye out for opportunities to expand your knowledge and experience in different areas."

  • Terry E. Stanton

    Terry E. Stanton

    Supervisor, Rooms and Conference - Hotel Maintenance

    Terry believes that "The individuals who work at Colonial Williamsburg are not only a valuable resource but also the greatest assets the company has. Many of these individuals have played a role in developing who I am today. With that in mind, you should find where you fit into the equation so you can become one of those assets as well."

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