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Today in the 1770s: August 25

WILLIAMSBURG, August 25, 1775.
Last Saturday, about 2 o'clock, the hon. PEYTON RANDOLPH, esq: with his lady, arrived at his house in this city from Richmond, the gentlemen of the Convention having recommended it to him to retire for the present from the fatigue of business, on account of his being much indisposed, and as the time of his departure for the General Continental Congress was nearly approaching. He was escorted into town by a troop of the Williamsburg volunteer companies now here under arms, who, as well as a great number of the inhabitants, attended him to his own door, where they gave him three cheers, wishing him and his lady an uninterrupted enjoyment of every felicity. We have the pleasure to inform the publick, that his Honour is greatly recovered since his return home, and intends setting out next Sunday morning for Philadelphia.

Virginia Gazette (Purdie) August 25, 1775

About this entry:

Betty Harrison Randolph traveled with her husband on his trips to Richmond and Philadelphia. She was present in October 1775 when Peyton Randolph, President of the Continental Congress, collapsed at a dinner party and died almost instantly, probably from a cerebral hemorrhage. Betty's brother Benjamin Harrison (a signer of the Declaration of Independence) and Peyton's cousin Thomas Jefferson were also with him. He was 53.

Sources: CWJ, Spring 1996, p71

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