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Cover of the JournalThrough the years, Colonial Williamsburg, the popular-history journal of The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, examined the trials and triumphs of early American life and explored the relevance of those times to today.

In 2016, The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation introduced a redesign of The Colonial Williamsburg Journal. Long known simply as The Journal, the magazine has a new look and new name — Trend & Tradition. This publication offers articles, photography, and art that showcase the life of Williamsburg’s historic core and its people — then and now.

Articles written by prizewinning authors, are illustrated with professional photography and original period images. Topics range from culture to science, from politics to law, and from Jamestown to the founding of the republic. Stories offer reader-friendly relations of subjects from antiques to archaeology, from building restorations to the decorative arts, and from historic handcrafts and trades to Christmas garlands and wreaths.

Trend & Tradition has moved

The latest issues of Trend & Tradition can now be found on

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Archived Issues

The online archive of The Colonial Williamsburg Journal and Trend & Tradition magazines features several stories from each issue.

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