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The Young Americans Book Series

Colonial Williamsburg Children Tell Their Stories

Award-winning author Joan Lowery Nixon captures the imagination of your students with these history stories.

  • Ann's Story: 1747

    Nine-year-old Ann needs to start behaving like a proper young lady, learning to knit, cook, and manage a household; but she would rather assist her father, Dr. McKenzie, with his patients.

    Grades 4-6, 147 Pages.

    Read an excerpt from Ann's Story

  • Caesar's Story: 1759

    Why do things have to change? Caesar lives with his family, but he is a slave, and when the master selects him to be a personal servant in the big house, Caesar has to obey.

    Grades 4-6, 165 Pages.

    Read an excerpt from Caesar's Story

  • Nancy's Story: 1765

    Virginians are protesting the Stamp Act and Nancy Geddy is afraid the uncertain times will harm her father's business. And if that worry is not enought, Nancy's stepmother is making her life miserable.

    Grades 4-6, 165 Pages.

    Read an excerpt from Nancy's Story

  • Will's Story: 1771

    Twelve-year-old Will Pelham is the son of the Williamsburg jailer. Will befrends Emmanuel, an imprisoned runaway slave, and discovers his plans for an escape.

    Grades 4-6, 162 Pages.

    Read an excerpt from Will's Story

  • Maria's Story: 1773

    When Maria Rind's father dies, her mother is forced to continue his work writing and publishing the Virginia Gazette newspaper. That leaves Maria to look after her three brothers, a task she does not enjoy.

    Grades 4-6, 167 Pages.

    Read an excerpt from Maria's Story

  • John's Story: 1775

    As tensions rise between England and the colonies, John's father hopes for a peaceful solution. When his older brother George joins the militia to fight for Virginia liberties, John is torn between the two people he admires most.

    Grades 4-6, 165 Pages.

    Read an excerpt from John's Story