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The Storymatic
Colonial Williamsburg Edition

Only $29.95

What is The Storymatic? It's a writing prompt, teaching tool, and great way to encourage divergent thinking among your students.

What are the basics of The Storymatic? Draw two gold cards and use the information to create a character. Then draw a blue card, and let the information on the card lead you into a story.

The Colonial Williamsburg Edition of The Storymatic is

  • Correlated to state standards and Common Core
  • Terrific for writing
  • Excellent for art
  • Active storytelling
  • Ideal for classrooms
  • Perfect for field trips-no batteries required
  • Creative
  • Fun!

Each box includes

  • 170 character cards
  • 170 scenario cards
  • 20 blank cards so your students can create their own prompts
  • Instruction booklet with prompts, improv games, and suggestions for classroom integration

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