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Colonial Williamsburg and the Partnership for History Education

The Partnership for History Education links Colonial Williamsburg, the National Council for History Education, and National History Day, as we strive to carry resources beyond the geographic and temporal boundaries of the museum and classroom settings. The Partnership is dedicated to promoting and improving the teaching of history in America's schools. It also seeks to make all Americans aware of the importance of history in our national culture.

Visionary Dr. W. A. R. Goodwin and benefactor John D. Rockefeller Jr., undertook the vast preservation and restoration of Colonial Williamsburg in order " that the future may learn from the past." Each generation of stewards for this legacy has explored new ways to examine and interpret Williamsburg's history, discovering again and again that history is not static. History is a partnership between those who came before and those who seek to learn from their experiences.

What better tool could the current generation use for this dynamic exploration than the fluid, circular, ever-evolving World Wide Web? Just as the Internet has no beginning or end, the inspiration of Colonial Williamsburg is equally boundless.

Join us in this special partnership to learn and to teach.