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 Friendship Quilts
Teaching Strategy

Friendship quilts, also known as album quilts, have been created throughout American history by groups of women to commemorate a special event or to be presented to an honored recipient. Often, individuals created a number of blocks individually and gathered to trade squares or blocks and create a friendship quilt for each woman to keep. The term "album quilt" is used because blocks resembled pages in a guest book or scrapbook. This lesson is designed to inform students how we can use friendship/album as primary sources. The activities will encourage a sense of community in the classroom by combining individual creativity into a community quilt. More

Primary Source

This Richmond Appliquéd Friendship Quilt was made by the female members of the Leigh Street Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia, who presented to the Reverend Edward Jefferson Willis in 1857. The inscriptions and signatures the quilters included give us clues as to who made the quilt, when it was created, and for what occasion. More

"My whole life is in that quilt. It scares me sometimes when I look at it. All my joys and all my sorrows are stitched into these little pieces."

Marguerite Icke's grandmotherThe Standard Book of Quilt Making and Collecting (New York: Dover, 1960), 270

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A beautiful compilation of the quilts in the Colonial Williamsburg collection, with descriptive information on their makers, purpose, and construction.

 "Each quilt in the book is both a work of art as well as a historic document offering revealing clues to the past." - Antiques & Auction News More

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