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JUNE 1, 2011


"Teaching Visitors About the Consumer Revolution"

Already by 1750, the downward and outward spread of luxury had been a preachers’ and pamphleteers’ favorite target for going on fifty years. People up and down the social order had discovered and were indulging the most extraordinary passion to purchase consumer goods in quantities and varieties that were unknown, even unimaginable, to their fathers and grandfathers. It was indeed revolution, but a consumer revolution in the beginning. The better-known industrial revolution followed in response.

Primary Source of the Month

Earthenware coffeepot and cover, ca. 1765, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Earthenware coffeepot and cover, ca. 1765,
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Whimsical tea and coffee wares in the shape of richly colored pineapples and cauliflowers were popular in colonial America in the third quarter of the eighteenth century. However, "green and gold" items were already out of fashion in England.

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Blogging with Students
Blogging can help students synthesize ideas, write with a purpose, and develop technology skills, but many teachers are nervous about blogging with their classes. This article from Education Week, "The Courage to Blog with Students," offers myriad reasons for embarking on a blogging project and shares valuable strategies for establishing and maintaining student blogs.

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Teaching Strategy: Consumer Revolution Imports Map

American colonists were accustomed to being able to buy goods from around the world at their local shops. Increased trade combined with a relatively high standard of living meant consumer goods were more common and more affordable than ever before. In this lesson, students will create a class bulletin board that demonstrates their knowledge of the interconnectedness of the trade of the American colonies with many other nations of the world.

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Quotation of the Month

"The trade of the city and country to other countries and colonies increases perceptibly from year to year… There is actually everything to be had in Pennsylvania that may be obtained in Europe, because so many merchantmen land here every year."

—Mittleberger, Gottlieb. Carl Theodor Eben (ed.) Gottlieb Mittelberger's journey to Pennsylvania in the year 1750 and return to Germany in the year 1754... (J.J. McVey, Philadelphia, 1898) pp 49-50

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