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Today in the 1770s: December 18

WILLIAMSBURG, December 18, 1779.
Tickets of the third class in the United States Lottery to be sold at the treasury office and the continental loan office, in Williamsburg.

Virginia Gazette (Clarkson & Davis) December 25, 1779

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The lottery was one of the ways Congress raised money to support the war. The winners in the lottery would be given a Treasury bank note that would be payable at the end of five years with an annual interest rate of four percent or they could re-invest their winnings in the next class of the lottery. The lottery was divided into four classes Tickets from the first class cost $10, from the secon class, $20, third class lottery, $30 and for the fourth class tickets, the cost was $40. 100,000 tickets were to be sold from each class.

Sources: U.S. Lottery

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