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Today in the 1770s: September 16

Williamsburg, Sept 16.
It being represented to this committee, that a number of field-pieces have been lately brought to the city of Williamsburg; and the committee being of the opinion, that it is necessary the same should be properly mounted and taken care of, offer it, as their opinion, to the Committee of Safety, that a proper person be appointed for that purpose; and take the liberty of recommending Mr. William Finnie, as a Gentleman who hath distinguished himself by his activity and zeal in the cause of the country. Ro.C. Nicholas, Chairman William Russell, Clk. Com.

Virginia Gazette (Dixon & Hunter) September 16, 1775

About this entry:

The committee was made up of representatives from Virginia counties and came to Williamsburg to make recommendations on military matters. A field-piece is a small cannon such as armies carry to be used in the field of battle. William Finnie was a veteran of the French and Indian War. When Dunmore left Williamsburg, Finnie took over as keeper of the public magazine, so when these cannons were brought to Williamsburg, he was placed in charge of armament and transportation. Finnie was later (March 1776) appointed Quarter-Master General of the Southern Department, an appointment which he held until the end of the Revolutionary War. He served as mayor of Williamsburg 1783-1787.

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