The Virginia Gazette

Today in the 1770s: August 16

Williamsburg, August 16.
FROM undoubted authority, we can assure the publick that 15,000 wt. of pure lead have been got from our mines in the back country; which after being cast into bullets, we hope will be unerringly directed against our enemies.

Virginia Gazette (Purdie) August 16, 1776

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Governor Patrick Henry wrote to the Virginia delegates of the Continental Congress two months later (October 10, 1776): "HONOURABLE GENTLEMEN: Having this moment received from Mr. Calloway, manager of the lead mines, a return of what lead he has on hand, and the post being just ready to set out, I have only time to inform you, that there are now ten tons of lead, which are ready to be delivered for the use of the Continental army. The quantity would have been greater, if there had not been lately a considerable demand for supplying our army sent on the Indian expedition. By Christmas, or perhaps sooner, we may be able to spare as much more. "

Sources: American Archives

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